We are merchants of flavor,
nostalgia, and delight, giving you next level spice.

Flavor should never be compromised. Not in life, and absolutely never when it comes to food.

Our journey stretches from the Atlas mountain slopes to the lush farmlands of southern India. We source only the best non-GMO spices to uphold both your, and our, high standards.

With RUH, everyone can satisfy their soul, and experience the great joys of traditional and modern cooking.

Transform something into the thing.

Our ever-expanding selection of spices is the perfect way to add your own spin to traditional and modern favorites. It’s amazing what a dash of unique spice can do to the food we love. From salad to samosas, and pasta to paneer – get cooking, good-looking!

Take-a-bow flavour.

Great flavour is a part of who you are. It’s never been easier to recreate authentic, vibrant flavours you love whenever you wish. Go from familiar to exotic in a single pinch. Tie up your apron and bask in the glory of deliciousness.

Make it memorable. Make it Ruh.

Let us help you make your family’s tried-and-true recipes. Bring years of heritage to your plate in minutes – no need for toasting, grinding or roasting, because we’ve done all that for you. We’re confident your mum would approve.



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With products constantly added to our range, you’re never far from making something deliciously extraordinary.

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